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"Lexi’s passion for and knowledge of Pilates is obvious. Her directions are clear, and she is adept at making adjustments for individual physical needs and modifying her classes accordingly. She challenges us to push our limits while always prioritizing safety and proper form. Her cheerful and encouraging demeanor creates an atmosphere where you feel motivated to strive for your best."

Tina D.

"You will never be bored doing Pilates with Lexi. Sure, we do the hundreds, roll ups, teaser, leg circles and all the other traditional exercises. The plus to Pilates with Lexi is she knows physiology so well that she incorporates exercises that really increase strength and balance."

Kathy P.

"As an aging athlete who wants to stay healthy, pilates is just what I need...I have had 4 different pilates instructors and Lexi is the best.  Most instructors go through a pre-planned routine, but Lexi listens and pays attention and responds to your needs." 

Mel J.

Reformer Pilates

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