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Lexi Beriswill

Owner and Instructor

I was first introduced to Pilates through my first love, dance. I was completing my BFA in dance at Sam Houston State University, and Pilates was part of the department’s curriculum there. It became apparent that cross-training vastly improved my dance technique. Pilates increased my core strength and overall body awareness, and the muscles around my joints became so much stronger. I experienced far less joint and back pain at the end of a long day of dancing. I just felt better.


While in school, I worked as a Rehab Tech at The Joint and Spine Center. I noticed that the exercises given to patients by the Physical Therapist were strikingly similar to the movements in my Pilates class. I had always been told that Pilates was a great way to prevent injury. I had even heard of doctors promoting it as a great form of exercise after a surgery or injury. It just never really clicked until I saw the same exercises helping people regain their mobility in real time. This is what inspired me to get certified as a Pilates Instructor. 


I received my teacher training through Peak Pilates and continued to work as a Rehab Tech. 

During that time I primarily taught clients who suffered from chronic back pain. Eager to know more, I continued my Pilates education with Cheryl Dunn at Core Physical Therapy and Pilates. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with dancers at the Dance Institute and Art Beat Dance Center with an emphasis on balancing muscle groups to prevent injury. While at Art Beat Dance Center, I developed a Dance for Parkinson's program as well as an Adaptive Dance program for children on the Autism Spectrum and children with Down’s Syndrome. I incorporate this training when teaching Pilates clients with neurological diseases and divergences. Now, I have the pleasure of working with an incredibly diverse group of clients. No two bodies are the same, and this is why Barton Springs Pilates offers “Pilates for all bodies”. Come the way you are, and we will find movement that’s right for you.

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