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Pilates Exercise
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Pilates for all bodies

My mission is to provide thoughtfully constructed Pilates sessions that assist each client in reaching their personal goals. I equip my clients with the knowledge and strength they need to maximize movement potential, prevent injury, make everyday tasks easier, and comfortably enjoy a full range of activities. I empower my clients to do the things they love with confidence and ease of movement.

Lexi Beriswill, Owner of Barton Springs Pilates

Private Pilates 


Private session tailored to meet your specific goals. In-studio sessions will have access to the Reformer, Pilates Chair, Bosu Ball, TRX , Stability Ball, and more. 

Book your "New Client Session" today!

Reformer Pilates

Private Pilates


Session tailored to meet your specific goals. Pilates equipment is not required, and we can work with any props you already own!

Book your "New Client Session" today!


Create Your Own Pilates Class 

Want Pilates to come to you? Create a private class of your own! Gather your family, friends, classmates or colleagues for a Pilates class at your chosen location. (Virtual option also available).

Fitness Ladies

Mat Pilates Community Classes

Affordable group classes that meet in various locations around Austin. These classes focus on balance, core strength, improved mobility, and community building. 

These affordable classes are made possible through community partnerships. Prices vary based on location. 


Mat Pilates Class Virtual

Class that focuses on core stability, postural alignment, full body strength, and increased mobility. These classes are designed for clients of all experience levels (beginner- advanced).

Currently offered Wednesdays at noon. Enjoy your first class for free!

Exercising at Home

Client Testimonials 

What People Are Saying

"Lexi’s passion for and knowledge of Pilates is obvious. Her directions are clear, and she is adept at making adjustments for individual physical needs and modifying her classes accordingly. She challenges us to push our limits while always prioritizing safety and proper form. Her cheerful and encouraging demeanor creates an atmosphere where you feel motivated to strive for your best."

Tina D.

"You will never be bored doing Pilates with Lexi. Sure, we do the hundreds, roll ups, teaser, leg circles and all the other traditional exercises. The plus to Pilates with Lexi is she knows physiology so well that she incorporates exercises that really increase strength and balance."

Kathy P.

"As an aging athlete who wants to stay healthy, pilates is just what I need...I have had 4 different pilates instructors and Lexi is the best.  Most instructors go through a pre-planned routine, but Lexi listens and pays attention and responds to your needs." 

Mel J.

Contact Me

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1812 Airole Way, Austin, TX, 78704

(737) 222-9641

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